MovingMindsForward Foundation

“Our children are all that we are, all that we have, and all that we will be...

their safe and effective educations, no matter their differences,

are something we must learn to take very seriously."

Moving Minds Forward Foundation (MMFF)


Moving Minds Forward Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, charity organization dedicated to the educational well being of all students, in particular, those with the most need and the least voice. Specifically this includes, those students who's educational success is negatively impacted by disability, medical conditions and/or learning differences.

We are a free membership foundation run by committed professional and parent volunteers.


Through a multi-faceted approach, MMFF is dedicated to teaching parents, providers and supporters of children with special needs about the laws that govern special education and the techniques of advocating for equal, safe and effective educational placements and services for children with special academic, social, emotional or physical needs.

WHY WE DO ITFor those who believe in every child's access to an effective education, we offer access to work shops, presentations and support groups in hopes that through understanding special education law and advocacy our parents, caregivers and providers can become their children’s greatest educational allies. 

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APRIL  2015






June 2015        

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foundation speaks

... in Trenton

Led by Senator Teresa Ruiz, Chairman
of the Senate Education Committee, NJ is
taking on heavy hitting questions and
concerns about education. 

MovingMindsForward Foundation was
proud to represent our community, testifying
about concerns and solutions "we"
(parents/members) discuss regularly in
our meetings, on our social sites and at
our special events.

MMFF sincerely thanks Senator Ruiz for
seeking our input and
keep us
within the legislative conversation.
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Outcomes matter.
Why Parents Commit
to advocacy 



"I am the mother of two special needs sons. There are always questions and MMFF has greatly helped me understand the rights of my boys."

Yancy, Somerset County, NJ

"This advocacy group has been a Godsend."

Jeannine, Middlesex County, NJ


"I went to my first meeting yesterday and the atmosphere was very accepting, understanding, sharing!" 

Karen, Piscataway, NJ