MovingMindsForward Foundation

A Message from our founder, Michelle Mahbirsingh, Esq.

Every member of our MovingMindsForward Family knows...

Any “lowered bar” or denial of equal access to a safe and effective free and appropriate public education (“FAPE”) is unacceptable by our standards, and by those standards created under federal and state laws. 

MMFF was born out of...
learning to help ourselves, allowing others to help us and never forgetting to help others.

Together we find answers - too often overwhelming, emotional and unexpected questions and situations that present themselves often on the journey to advocate for children, but MMFF is dedicated to changing children's realities and futures. 

The road may at times seem long, but remember, you are not alone.  
Best wishes on this journey.

Michelle Mahabirsingh, Esq.

Founder, Executive Director of MMFF