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IEP Meetings


Most importantly, remember that YOU are a MEMBER of your child's IEP Team.
You are entitled to provide input, and are
"responsible for identification, evaluation, determination of eligibility,
development and review of the IEP and placement."
(NJAC 6A: 14-3.1(a))


  • As a parent and member of the IEP Team, you also have the ability to request an IEP meeting to address concerns with placement, goals/objectives, accommodations/modifications or other items you believe impact your child's educational progress AT ANY TIME.

  • IEP Teams are required to consider ALL STUDENTS for placement in the general education classroom (which includes in-class resource) with supplementary aids and services.


  • NJAC 6A:14 provides a list of supports and services to be considered--distinctly pointing out an IEP Teams' consideration is "not limited to" those that are mentioned in the list.

  • The IEP MUST address your child's academic and functional needs, including non-academic needs related to behavior, social-emotional functioning and life skills (NJAC 6A:14-3.7 (e)(1)-(4))

  • The IEP MUST be developed at a meeting with you. A draft may be created prior to the meeting but a CST may NOT decide what will be included in the IEP prior to that meeting. (NJAC 6A:14-2.3 (k)(2)(i))


  • Parents, as well as school districts, may audio tape record an IEP meeting, as long as advance notice is provided
    (NJAC 6A:14-2.3 (k)(8))

  • You are not required to sign the IEP the day of the meeting. Sign the attendance sheet and be sure to get IEP notes or a draft IEP prior to leaving the meeting. (NJAC 6A:14-3.7(l))

  • If all concerns are not addressed in your allotted time for your IEP meeting, request that the IEP team reconvene at date when adequate time can be provided.