MovingMindsForward Foundation

Mission Statement

MovingMindsForward Foundation (MMFF) believes each child has the right to a free, appropriate and effective education from age three to transition to adulthood.  Effective and appropriate services optimize a child's opportunity to reach their full potential and their desire to become an active, appreciated member of society.  MMF Foundation is dedicated and passionate about helping as many families as possible realize that dream!

Our mission is to help the special education community better understand (navigate) the difficulties that may lay ahead in accessing appropriate, individualized special education and quality services, by making the laws that govern our children’s individualized educational needs user friendly.  We utilize a community outreach methodology that incorporates a self-help structure.  Our services will support you from the start of Early Intervention to the transition out of high school into adulthood. No matter where your personal situation may fall on the educational lifespan, we are here to help.

MovingMindsForward Foundation does not discriminate by age, gender, ethnicity or disability.  We utilize a holistic approach  in supporting the special needs community’s efforts in advocating for their special needs children.  Our foundation focuses on special education laws, providing referrals to approved service providers, social outreach/family networking and teaching self-help and advocacy skills to parents of diagnosed/undiagnosed children with learning disabilities, neuro-developmental ailments, medical disabilities/injuries and severe allergies.  As a grassroots foundation we will provide a comprehensive, “hands on approach” to understanding Special Education Law and Parent Advocacy.

MovingMindsForward Foundation provides a safe environment for parents and their children with special needs.  Your questions, concerns, feedback and shared experiences remain confidential amongst our members…  WE STAND TOGETHER!

the special education community, cannot remain an army of one. It is costly and causes severe delays in helping our children progress.  Therefore, all look forward to collaborating with  school districts, administrators, special needs providers, politicians, state and federal agencies, etc. whose purpose of action is to keep our children’s well being and educational development in mind.  We look forward to contact with such individuals or groups who wish to facilitate open and meaningful communication between educational professionals and families in need, while remaining conscious that their decisions may alter the future for all children.





MovingMindsForward Foundation
Guiding parents on their path to effective special education