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In the past year, New Jersey has witnessed sweeping tenure reform led by Senator Teresa Ruiz, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. Now Senator Ruiz has turned her sights to Special Education. In a rare summertime hearing, Senator Ruiz called on advocates and parents to suggest changes to the state’s complex and often cumbersome system of special education. MovingMindsForward Foundation was proud to be part of the conversation. Equipped with our parents' very personal and real concerns about Special Education, we were able to contribute suggestions regarding how to help reform the system which governs our children's education. MMFF Executive Director, Michelle Mahabirsingh, has testified before the Senate two times on the issue of Special Education Reform in NJ and continues to be a voice for parents across the state of NJ attempting to access Special Education for their children.


 NJ's Harrassment, Intimidation and Bullying Legislation : 1 year Later

New Jersey education officials now have some handle on just how much bullying happens in the state's public schools. Data made public Tuesday show there were 12,024 instances of harassment, intimidation and bullying reported in the 2011-12 school year – the first year the state's tough new anti-bullying law was in effect.

New Jersey used a new definition of the behaviors, so there are no previous data for comparison. The numbers of incidents reported Tuesday vary widely by district and may reflect how diligent each school is at reporting, rather than how much bullying there is.

Bullying in school, once written off as just something kids have to deal with, has evolved into a serious issue. New Jersey was among a wave of states that passed anti-bullying laws a decade ago after the school shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado.
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Model Policy & Guidance:  Harrassment, Intimidation, Bullying



Fresh from winning unprecedented passage of a new tenure reform bill for New Jersey, state Sen. Teresa Ruiz is next taking on an issue that is no less vexed- Special Education.
Ruiz will hold a hearing next Thursday before the Senate education committee that she chairs, asking educators, advocates, and policy makers to discuss the system that now serves 200,000 children with disabilities in virtually every school in the state.

It’s a massive topic that spans everything from parental rights to racial segregation, and from classroom practices to taxpayer funding. And Ruiz said yesterday she wanted to learn as much as she can from the more than dozen guests she has invited.

“I’m looking for an open and frank discussion about special education in New Jersey,” Ruiz said yesterday. “What are we doing, what are we doing right, what can we be better...
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Senate Bill 600


LIGHT IT UP BLUE! APRIL 2 is World Autism Awareness Day!

Autism affects 1 in 88 children (1 in 54 boys) in the United States.  Help raise awareness by participating in Light it up Blue!  Purchase special Autism Speaks blue light bulbs from your local Home Depot, beginning March 1. Blue LED lanterns can be purchased at beginning March 15, and blue CFL bulbs from TCPI will be in most local Wal-Mart stores.