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Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs


Get the support you need from a community dedicated to helping children with special needs. All of our programs are provided in a user friendly way. Our programs are created and instructed by qualified Foundation Professionals or highly recommended professional supporters of our mission. 

Parental Power
Networking is important to support change. Parental experiences and referrals are priceless in helping us best advocate for our children.  For that reason, MovingMindsForward Foundation, has created a Social Advocacy Members Only Group (Free!).  This social group meets monthly in a safe space, where parents discuss advocacy issues specific to their child.  In a group setting, moderated by a MovingMindsForward Foundation Board Member - parents, advocates and parent attorneys share valuable best practices, techniques and federal/state law tutorials with a focus on special education self-advocacy.  Topics include: insight into diagnoses and finding the next step for their children, when your child needs or is eligible for an IEP, best IEP meeting practices and sponsored writing workshops (i.e. parental letters of concern, evaluation requests, and complaint/praise letters). 

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2011 Programs

  • What Language is That?:
    Introduction to Special Ed. Law & How to Begin Using It
  • * "He Said, She Said":
    Why We Must Put It in Writing & How to Do It
  • * He's Not "Bad" - Begin Addressing the Disability:
    Recognizing, Addressing and Managing Behavior Issues
  • The Goal is To Include, Not Exclude ~ Understanding Inclusion and the Least Restrictive Environment

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All programs will provide a safe space to begin the journey in understanding how children with special needs change our lives – and for others, it will provide a place for advancing our knowledge as we continue our journey along-side the special people in our lives.
  1. Special education law tutorials
  2. Parental/guardian special education advocacy: law and techniques
  3. Networking for change
  4. Networking for support
  5. Parental insight into diagnoses, next steps and nutrition
  6. Understanding special education services and placement in public schools (FAPE)
  7. Does my child need an IEP and eligibility
  8. Best IEP meeting Practices,
  9. What to ask schools for & why it’s imperative to ask,
  10. Writing Workshops: Parental letters of concern, Requesting Evaluations, Thank you letters,
  11. Meet-A-Provider Sessions: meet providers who are open to providing a safe space for our children & aware of our children’s special needs (daycare, restaurants, dental, medical, biomedical, therapists, play places, etc.)  (create open letter)
  12. School District/Board of Education/Political outreach: invitations to come and speak with the community for open communication and a show of support 

For Access/Free Membership: www.MEETUP.COM/MOVINGMINDSFF/ 

Contact us at (888) 342-9077 for more information about programs & social advocacy.